Don’t Envy What Others Have

We all set our own objectives. We all have individual ambitions. We all work out how much work we are prepared to put into this business of becoming wealthy. We all set our own limits and know what we are prepared to do or not do. So what is the point of envying what anyone else has? Not unless you know what their agenda was and is. Not unless you know how much work they were prepared to put in. not unless you know what they were prepared to sacrifice.

Of course you can cast an envious glance at the easy three – lottery, inherited, married into – we all do. But money earned is entirely the business of the person earning it. They did the work. They had the idea or entrepreneurial spirit. They got up earlier than us. They were driven or fired up by what they wanted to achieve. Envying them is pointless; learning from them is invaluable.

And learning from them is the greatest gift they can give us. Ideally you need a money mentor. Someone you look up to who has made a lot of money and in the right way – legally, enjoyably and nicely – who will give you the odd tip, tuck you under their wing, and set you on the right path. And refuse to lend you any money of course. Not that you’d ask.

If I come across someone extremely rich, I immediately try to work out how they did it and if that route would suit me. What bits of information could I glean to help me get to that position, bearing in mind I only want to do it right – legally and enjoyably?

I have my money mentor and I hang on to his every word when it comes to money as he’s living on the interest on the interest on his money – and that’s the place I’m heading for.

Use other people as a source of inspiration. Besides, envy is not a characteristic of a good player – that’s you now, by the way.