Reasons to Envy Bihar

A large majority of students that qualified for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in the last 10 years were from the state of Bihar. IAS is the backbone of the Indian government. If it were not for these officers the government machinery would grind to a halt.

The model of property taxation called the “Area Detail System” (ADS) or the
The Patna model exists in Patna in Bihar. The revenue increased substantially after this model was applied in Patna by the The Patna Municipal Corporation. Even the United Nations liked it and is not being applied by several countries.

The cooperative movement is making great advances in Bihar, especially in the dairy sector. Co-operative movement in its modern form started in the year 1904. Now co-operatives and formal legal entities under a statute have been in existence for a hundred years and this is the centenary year for Co-operatives.

Bihar is highly dependent in grain production and 13 other states of the country buy rice from Bihar. The Begusarai district is the largest maize producer in India.

Interestingly Bihar is way head in per-capita deposits, getting around 7 thousand crores per year.

Patna rice (also called also called Parimal rice) is as well known brand of rice.

Ancient patna (Patliputra) was once the capital of India and Bihar was greatest seat of learning in the world. The ancient ruins of Nalanda are considered the ruins of the oldest university of the world. The history of India is the history of ancient Magadh.

It is here that the Buddha was born and Buddhism was founded. During this time the King of Magadh “Ashoka the Great” sent emissaries to China and Sri Lanka to establish Buddhism.