The Boot Leg Life

Life to be great, must be genuinely happy. But how many people are really happy? Not many are genuinely happy. But, in this article, I am going to give the key here in a “boot leg” way that certain people do not want you to know. I am also going to be and do something outrageous also. I am going to be honest with you, and do the honesty in a fully integrated way. I consider this paragraph done with the two sentences before this, so I will go on to the next paragraph.

It is one thing to boot leg drugs and whiskey, but, it is a healthy and unacceptable boot leg to be so genuinely happy, that it is a call sign to yourself and the rest of reality. Think of the envy happening there with that. Unacceptable to others, yet wonderful to yourself. When you genuinely have what you want, that is the most powerful thing in existence. If everyone has that feeling, there is nothing to boot leg. But in this existence and world, trust me, it is boot leg, especially when you are “the man or woman on the hill” genuinely and not just putting on a show of being superior and happy. Face it, the kind of genuine happiness I am talking about is usually mistaken for conceited behavior and haughty ridiculous foolishness. But the fact that type of happiness exists as a concept no matter what anyone does is proof that it is totally achievable and real. Sure, boot leg whiskey and drugs like I said is more legal to the envious person than that type of genuine happiness. But, no matter what, happiness is always a winner in every genuine way and sense, “proof in the pudding.”

So, the man or woman who is genuinely happy and radiates it is something that everyone seems to want to keep at the length of the arm away from them out of that equal and equivalent envy. But it should be encouraged, because happy people make a happy society and a happy society is a society that genuinely works. So, I say, let the genuinely illegal be illegal, and let happiness be encouraged as the most legal thing in existence. Some even say this type of happiness belongs to God and it is a sin for human beings to breach those feelings. I say, we are truly living up to the image of God when those feelings are had by us and it is a virtue, not a sin. Irrational pride is a sin, where we “fake it until we make it.” But happiness of this sort is a most genuine virtue when it is real because it is rational, naturally working pride, not irrational game playing. I am talking serious business now when I talk about real happiness that is not “fake it until we make it.” Happiness is earned, not made up fantasy life or given to us free. So, I do not believe in a free lunch no matter what, but we can all earn what we want. In that sense, no matter what, we are created and made equal. No matter how bad it seems, we can make a decision. It really is in our minds, hands, and that decision. Are you ready?